Sphinn Spammers are Stupid

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  • April 3, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Recently there seems to be a lot of people who clearly don’t have a clue about search engine optimisation hanging around at Sphinn.

Take a look at the submission below for example, this user has picked probably one of the most competitive niches in the UK to target and the cornerstone to her linkbuilding activities are submitting spam posts to Sphinn without even bothering to disguise it as a Top 10 Tips for SEO’s to Save on Car Insurance article.


Luckily this user has some other linkbuilding methods in place such as submitting her site to Digg and Propeller as well so when the Sphinn submission gets deleted the site will still have some links.

These users are not black hats – any self respecting black hat knows that wasting time is a bad idea and they are aware that Sphinn moderators are quite likely to be able to spot and delete spam before Google even sees the link.

I also can’t believe they are new to the industry – how can anybody think that this tactic is a good idea? Whenever I start something new I try to ask experts or read what experts have to say. Usually this gives me a good working knowledge to start from without getting things massively wrong.

Do these people not read any of the blogs they see on Sphinn or are they too busy submitting their spam?

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