Start optimising your one-line sitelinks

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  • April 17, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

In the past Google Sitelinks were nothing more than a nice way to ensure that when people searched for a particular company they either clicked on that companies website or an AdWords advert. They were great for brands but since they only appeared for brand name queries it didn’t really matter what they said because the searcher wanted to visit the site anyway.

With only about 5% of people clicking on the sitelinks compared to the actual site not many webmasters bothered to adjust them and even fewer thought about optimising them.

With one-line sitelinks becoming official SEO’s need to get up to speed very quickly on how to make sitelinks work harder.

Google has just given us all an extra line of text in the search results and we need to learn how to optimise it.

The key is to use sitelinks for clickability – make your listing more attractive than all the others. Take the fake listing below which I created using my website editing tool. See how you can make your listing more attractive than all the others?

Mini Sitelinks

The prediction from Google (and we can assume it’s correct) is that lots of users will be clicking on these links.

For webmasters, this new feature means it’s possible that your site will start showing sitelinks for a number of queries where it previously didn’t. We expect this will increase the visibility of and traffic to your site, while also improving the experience of users.

The actual optimisation process is simple:

  1. Edit a page title of an existing sitelink to be more “clickable”
  2. Wait for Google to re-index and update your sitelinks
  3. Monitor your click through rates
  4. Keep testing

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