SEO Bloggers please stop submitting your blog to Digg

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  • October 10, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

I don’t care if your article is the best thing since Larry wrote about a system of ranking pages based on links, please don’t waste your time submitting it to Digg.

The only thing Digg users hate more than SEO is people who blog about SEO. No matter how great your article is you simply won’t get your SEO blog to the front page of Digg with an article about internet marketing.

Sure, SEOmoz has hit the Digg front page lots of times but most of the content wasn’t about SEO.

Look at the last 10 articles about SEO that hit the Digg homepage, can you see any positive ones in the last 3 months?

In the past 6 months the Digg community has continually buried SEO related content so why do hundreds of SEO bloggers keep submitting content every day? Do they really not notice that their stories never hit the homepage?

Is it so unreasonable for people to spend a couple of days looking at the popular stories to figure out what the community actually enjoys?

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