StumbleUpon to overlay page data onto search results

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  • October 23, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

StumbleUpon is today launching a new twist to their toolbar in a bid to rival social search engines such as After Vote.

Users of the SU toolbar will start to see information its users have given about web pages right in the search results of Yahoo and MSN (Google has been integrated for some time, apparently.

Stumble in search

StumbleUpon foundner Garret Camp comments:

1) StumbleUpon has tons of data, so it will already be useful at launch – in internal testing StumbleUpon apparently had results for at least 60 percent of queries.
2) People are unlikely to switch to a new search engine, and the new StumbleUpon feature doesn’t require them to.

With 13 million pages reviewed now is the time to make sure your most popular pages have a bunch of good reviews.

To see the reviews in action you need to update your toolbar, click the “Tools” button then the “Configuration” tab and tick the boxes in the “Web Search” section.

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