Subvert and Profit gets busted

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  • July 30, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

This is exactly why you should think twice before using services that try to
spam Digg. You are placing your trust in a bunch of people who earn
money by Digging a story for 50 cents.

Basically what happened is that Tamar Weinberg, a well known Digg
user, investigated some strange digging activity on a story and then
exposed it. The story was buried and then continued attracting lots of
Diggs when normally the bury would put an end to any natural digging.
Tamar emailed Digg and they said the story was buried by lots of Digg

The blog post reveals that the Digg activity was coming from Subvert
and Profit so all the Digg spam busting team needs to do is look at the email from Tamar, find the story, see which users dugg the story and check their previous digging history
to blow the whole network wide open.

Expect all the sites that have used Subvert and Profit to be added to
the auto bury list this week. Also expect Digg to allow the users to
keep digging stories but to have all their diggs scrutinised and any
suspicious sites they digg added to the auto bury list.

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