Sun and Mirror Lose Traffic After Failing to Embrace Social Media

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  • October 23, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

While some UK newspapers are going from strength to strength others are suffering falls in traffic.

The Sun Online and saw a drop in traffic numbers throughout September, according to the latest ABCEs. saw a 5.65% decrease in traffic, dropping from 5.575m visitors to 5.259m visitors, while The Sun Online declined by 1.26% from 15.985m to 15.783m.

By focussing on Worldwide traffic and writing content that Internet users love to share on social networks newspapers such as the Mail, Times, Guardian and Telegraph are surging ahead leaving people like the Sun & Mirror trailing way behind.

Newspapers in the UK struggle to monetise foreign traffic which is why some of them don’t see value in chasing social media traffic. Surely figures like these must be a wake up call?

Websites need to get as much traffic as possible no matter where it’s from. Even if you can’t monetize your foreign visitors directly you can use them for other things like voting for your content on Digg or linking to you from their blogs.

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