How to talk to a girl and spending Feb 14th with Mr Hardy: Our favourite campaigns from a week in the crazy world of PR

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  • February 9, 2018
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

Happy Friday everyone. Now that January’s ‘New Year New You’ rubbish is out of the way and we’ve accepted that our NY resolutions are never going to happen, we can get back to the fun stuff! And we have lots of it for you this week.

Add some pud to your pizza

Morrisons have ramped up their game over the last year, and we’ve been loving every one of their campaigns. From their in-store pub to the foot-long sausage roll, they’ve listened intently to their customers and social media, reacting with quirky ideas that are getting them some seriously good press – a winning formula we see them rolling with for some time.

Their latest stunt has bagged them coverage everywhere, including the Independent, Metro and Good Housekeeping. Now, being Yorkshiremen ourselves, it’s our moral duty to cover any PR stunt containing the Yorkshire Pudding. And when it also involves pizza, I mean…what’s not to love? We give you, the Yorkshire Pudding Pizza…

Yorkshire pudding pizza


The delicious hybrid was launched to celebrate Yorkshire Pudding Day last weekend, but will be available in 491 stores across the UK until 20th Feb.

What goes with ‘girl’?

Last year saw some incredible campaigns and initiatives surrounding gender inequality and female empowerment. Thankfully, it looks like these are set to continue and 2018 has started off with an absolute corker!

The Sheboard is a virtual keyboard app from the Finnish branch of humanitarian agency Plan International and challenges us to rethink the language we use to describe girls. Typing in any word or phrase such as “girl”, “women” or “my daughter” will act like Google suggest and offer subsequent endings that aim to empower and build confidence.



Nora Lindström, Global coordinator for digital development at Plan International, says: “Technological innovations won’t in themselves change harmful, gender-stereotypical behaviour, but they can help raise awareness of these issues and support the equal treatment of girls and women.”

We love the incredible message it promotes and the way it is tailored to the digital youth and the channels they use.

Shut the front door!

Now this isn’t a PR activity or brand campaign, but we love it anyway as it could have easily been carried out by a company.

This week, the Daily Mail released findings of an investigation into high street shops wasting millions of pounds’ worth of energy by leaving entrances open in freezing weather.

Backed by MPs who have been encouraging the Government crackdown on the practice used by stores to entice passing trade, the Daily Mail used infrared cameras to measure temperature levels which showed the heat seeping from high street stores.

Infrared stores


The newspaper found eight of ten stores in London’s Oxford Street keep doors open or have permanently open store fronts – even Primark, which operates a closed-door policy everywhere else in the UK. Amongst these brands were Lush and the Body Shop, who trade on their green approach and state that environmental issues are at the heart of the company.

Spokesman, Ruud Heijsman, said: ‘The thermal palette has been adjusted to visualise colder objects in blue colours and warmer objects in orange and yellow. It helps you see how the shops that don’t close doors lose heat at a significant rate, meaning they will require more energy to keep the inside of the store to a satisfactory temperature.’

Valentine’s Day with Tom Hardy

Madame Tussauds…hats off to you; the waxwork museum has pulled off a Valentine’s stunt to beat them all.

This Valentine’s Day, women around the UK will flock to London to spend an evening with the seriously handsome Tom Hardy, we kid you not!

Madame Tussauds have created probably the closest representation of Tom Hardy you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. The soft-to-the-touch waxwork has a beating heart and is even heated to 37 degrees to replicate the body’s temperature. You can hug him, snuggle into him and even give him a peck (if you can squeeze your way pass the crowds). It’s just a shame he can’t read you those sexy sweet bedtime stories he did on Cbeebies!

Tom Hardy


Is all PR good PR?

This week has also seen some very questionable PR stunts, and although the old phrase says all PR is good PR, we can’t quite agree on this one.

We love the announcement of festival line-ups at Branded3, because it reminds us that summer is coming. This week, Y-Not festival in Derbyshire released their line-up poster, but it was slightly different from a version the band, The Sherlocks, released on their twitter. Their photoshopped poster bumped them up another tier, replacing with them with The Amazons under the headliners section.

Twitter (as always) went wild, and we mean wild; offering comedy reactions for a good few days. It’s safe to say that many fans were left highly unimpressed by The Sherlocks’ shameless dose of self-promotion.

The stunt gained them press across all the national newspapers and music publications, as well as BBC radio and news. And yesterday, the band who manage their own twitter account admitted it was their fancy photoshop skills, but that the tweet was just supposed to be “a bit of a laugh”. We suspect the band’s management are currently recruiting for a social media manager.

It’s been a crazy old week in the press. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading some of our favourite campaigns from the week! If you want to check out other Valentine’s inspired PR campaigns, take a look at last week’s post which featured #LoveSickSonnets from easyJet and a candlelit dinner for two from Greggs. We would love to hear your thoughts on this week’s PR roundup so make sure you tweet us!