Updated: Did Text Link Ads suffer a proxy hijack

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  • September 4, 2007

Update see the comments below, it seems a proxy was not the cause……..

When Text Link Ads first stopped ranking for their own name back in June some people assumed it was due to the Google crack down on paid links.

Looking at the search results today it seems that a proxy might have hijacked the site and taken over the TLA search results.

The proxy site is here and it has now been taken offline in the past few hours due to “complaints”.


Patrick Altoft

About Patrick Altoft

Patrick is the Director of Strategy at Branded3 and has spent the last 11 years working on the SEO strategies of some of the UK's largest brands. Patrick’s SEO knowledge and experience is highly regarded by many, and he’s regularly invited to speak at the world’s biggest search conferences and events.

  • http://xuru.com Jeremy Luebke

    The TLA issue predated any proxy issues. If I was TLA, I would be trying to get me a proxy to rank #1 😉

  • http://bad-neighborhood.com/ Michael VanDeMar

    Interesting. I mean, they definitely are hijacked there… but I don’t think that is why they tanked in the serps. Otherwise I’m sure the hijacking site would have shown up long before now… their rankings dropped quite a while ago.

  • http://nusuni.com Jeremy Steele

    Proxy sites are getting ridiculous, Google really needs to add “report proxy site” to the report abuse form.

  • http://mattcutts.com/blog/ Matt Cutts

    I know for a fact that a proxy was not the root cause of this.

  • Dan Thies

    Thanks, Matt… and the TLA affiliate link in this post makes me suspect the real reason for this particular piece of link bait was not to enlighten the issue.

  • bestoptimized

    Dan Thies: Why would you make an accusation like that? What does the presence of an affiliate link have to do with it? The post would have been no different in terms of credibility, whether or not he included an affiliate link. Apparently you think that bloggers shouldn’t make any money.

  • Dan Thies

    Sorry… there is no way to justify that.

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