The first PR campaigns to make headlines in the New Year

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  • January 5, 2018
Yvonne Bernhardt

Yvonne Bernhardt

Digital PR Executive

Happy New Year everyone! As we drag ourselves back into the office, let’s have a peek at what has happened during the first week of 2018 and see how it kicked off in the PR world.

Cadbury launches the hunt for the White Cream Egg

White Cadbury's Creme Egg

Image: The Sun

Even though we’ve just turned off the Christmas lights, Cadbury is already thinking about the next holiday season. This week, they kicked off the treasure hunt for their white cream eggs. They are the same as the original version, except the outer layer is made out of white chocolate – and they’re worth a lot more than a sugar hit.

Available until April 1, the eggs are being sold by selected retailers, including newsagents and corner shops, as well as Sainsbury’s Local, Tesco Express, and Co-op branches. There is only one chance to win the prize of £2,000, but there are also 34 eggs worth £1,000 as well as several smaller prizes worth £100.

This promotion joins the ranks of Cadbury’s Cream Egg campaigns, which are all connected to the traditional concept of Easter egg hunting, and helps to create a buzz around the product’s relaunch after the Christmas season.

Barclaycard’s 31 Day Challenge encourages you to try something new

For many of us, January is a prime time to give up bad habits – but why not focus on the positive aspect of entering a new year and try something exciting and new?

Together with Giovanna Fletcher, Barclaycard encourages you to take on a new challenge each day in January. With the help of celebrities like master baker Liam Charles or sporting legend Andrew “Freddie” Flintoff, Giovanna will try out new activities and share her progress on Instagram and Twitter.

This campaign makes a great connection between New Year’s resolutions and the diverse opportunities that Barclaycard opens up to everyone.

Edinburgh pub changes name to ‘J.K. Rowling’ to celebrate great Scottish writers

Locals were probably surprised to see that The Conan Doyle pub in Edinburgh was recently renamed ‘The J. K. Rowling’. The reason behind this temporary change is a literary event that aims to raise awareness about streets and buildings that have inspired the town’s finest writers.

J.K. Rowling pub in Edinburgh

Images: Ready To Go and Mashable

Edinburgh is the first UNESCO City of Literature, and Message from the Skies is a literary festival taking place from January 1-25, which aims to take visitors on an interactive journey through the city via a storytelling app, alongside projections on specific buildings and landmarks.

Crime writer Val McDermid, theatre director Philip Howard, and Double Take projections have collaborated to create the interactive event, which offers book lovers a wonderful way to discover the city.

The oldest drawn map of the earth has been digitised for the first time

For the first time ever, the oldest drawn map of the earth is available as digital version – and as a single unit.

The latest addition to the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection at Stanford University, the 430-year-old piece can be experienced by using AR Globe, which is an iOS augmented reality app, or you can download it to use with Google Earth.

Oldest drawn map of the earth

Image: Source (courtesy David Rumsey Map Collection)

The map was created by Italian cartographer Urbano Monte and includes a range of fascinating things, such as scientific geographical information as well as political insight and descriptions of different places around the world.

In addition to being a cultural sensation, the digitised map draws attention to the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection at Stanford University.