The Google Suggest alphabet: Christmas 2017 edition

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  • December 17, 2017
Stephen Kenwright

Stephen Kenwright

Strategy Director

Start typing a word into Google and it will autocomplete the word for you. Very helpful – unless you’re a brand that isn’t at the top of the list of Google’s suggestions.

Here’s an update on Brady Forrest’s Google Alphabet, 2008 edition:┬áthe 26 brands that Google suggests above all others and are likely to be getting a nice traffic boost because of it. Effectively Autocomplete is showing the most popular keywords at any given time – in this case we’re looking at the 26 most popular brands in the last week before Christmas. When else would a brand most like to be thrust into search results?

Letter Brand
A Amazon
C Currys
D Daily Mail
E Ebay
F Facebook
G Google
H Halfords
I Ikea
J John Lewis
L LinkedIn
M Matalan
N Next
O O2
P Paypal
Q Quidco
R Rightmove
S Sports Direct
T Tesco
U Urban Outfitters
V Very
W Wilco
X X-Box
Y YouTube
Z Zoopla


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