The iPhone 4S: It’s what’s on the inside that counts

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  • October 5, 2011
Tom Armenante

Tom Armenante

Account Manager

The iPhone 4S

Picture credit: Apple Inc.

With Apple’s highly anticipated keynote last night concerning the release of its new iPhone model, it is arguable whether the technology giant pleased or disappointed the vast crowds watching with bated breath.

Announcing the iPhone 4S, a new iPod Nano and a new iPod Touch; the keynote was surprisingly lacking in an announcement of the iPhone 5. However, even with the absence of a new design the iPhone 4S is still crammed with useful features.

The keynote began with Apple’s usual highlight of how they’re dominating the music industry, the smartphone industry, and now the tablet industry.

With the iOS platform having an install base of over 250 million and the iPhone being the number one smartphone in the world; I guess they do have a certain amount of bragging rights.

After a recap of the current hardware, Eddy Cue; Apple’s Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services; announced more details on the iCloud service – Apple’s cloud storage and app management service.

Then finally, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, Phil Schiller, came on stage to announce minor updates to the iPod line, including what I think is a pretty cool watch support for the Nano, before showing off what everyone came to see; Apple’s new flagship product.

The iPhone 4S may look the same on the outside but inside is very different, boasting greatly improved battery life and two antennas for increased reception.

As well as a dual-core processor making the CPU twice as fast as its predecessor, and dual-core graphics making the graphical capabilities seven times faster than the iPhone 4; the 4S also boasts a HSDPA data connection, which is being touted as the 4G connection in the mobile industry, surely making this the 4GS.

Along with all of these hardware upgrades; the camera in the new iPhone has also seen a major bump to eight mega-pixels, a backside illuminated sensor, five element lens and 33% faster capture time making it comparable to standalone cameras people will have at home.

Not only this, but the camera is also capable of recording video in 1080p HD, making it a competitive video recorder.

On the software side, apart from the announced release of the highly-anticipated new operating system iOS 5, Apple will be introducing a BBM style messaging system called iMessager – which probably be more useful if most UK phone network providers didn’t offer unlimited texts.

Easily the biggest announcement of the keynote in my opinion was Siri, Apple’s intelligent voice recognition assistant. This feature is capable of recognising your voice and interpreting the message delivered with the ability to complete tasks such as read and write text messages, calendar appointments, set alarms and many other tasks like searching the internet.

This new handset will be released on the 14th October in a whole host of countries including the UK, US and Australia. With everyone expecting an iPhone 5 it’s hard to say how the iPhone 4S’s mail list of new features will be received, although this new update will ensure the iPhone retains its position as number one smartphone.

In my opinion, whilst the upgrades are pretty substantial and bring the phone nicely to the forefront of the market; it isn’t really a major update, and is very similar to the transaction from the iPhone 3G to the 3GS.

If you already have an iPhone 4 then this probably isn’t the phone for you, however if you’re upgrading from an earlier iPhone or just fancy moving into the Apple world; it’s a great phone that is similar if not better than all the other competition out there.

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