The iPhone 5 release; is it enough to give Apple your money?

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  • September 13, 2012
Tom Armenante

Tom Armenante

Account Manager

Well, it’s finally here; the long awaited iPhone 5; not the ‘new iPhone’; the iPhone 5. There was quite a bit of speculation over the name of the product, since the launch of the ‘new iPad’, however Apple has decided to keep the number in naming this one.

The iPhone 5

The device itself as you can see in the picture above, is exactly how it was rumoured to look. Its glass and aluminium shell means this phone should be a little more shatterproof and robust than the previous version.

Still available in the white and black colours like the last several versions of the phone, it’s a fresh take on the classic bestselling phone. The new A6 processor will also make the phone very snappy.

Many of the rumours surrounding the actual hardware in the phone turned out to be true too. It is now sporting the 4-inch display, as well as the new smaller dock connector which Apple has named ‘Lightning’ in a ploy to draw more attention to their ‘Thunderbolt’ connector. The actual phone itself; although larger than the previous phone; is actually lighter and thinner, a truly amazing design feat in my opinion.

The iPhone 5 has a glass and aluminium shell

The phone has also been given quite a few updates under the hood, with both GSM and CDMA models supporting the LTE data connection, which, when you can get a connection in your country, will be almost as fast as Wi-Fi. Sadly, no NFC as rumoured in this model; however Apple may still do mobile payments in some other way – I’m sure they won’t stay out of that game for too long.

The phone will come with iOS 6 out of the box; which has already been all over the internet for quite a while; but just quickly to recap – better Facebook integration; Passbook; an improved version of Siri, and many more upgrades.

The pre-orders for the phone start on the 14th with the device being available in US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore from the 21st, with more countries to follow on the 28th.

It’s hard to say if this is a big enough upgrade to draw people away from the lights of the Samsung Galaxy S3, but with so many people wrapped into iTunes and the impressive hardware and software this phone has to offer, it’s unlikely that this won’t be a big hit.