A hunt for some pumps, motherly bonds and a great political shutdown

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  • April 24, 2015
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

The latest royal baby is on its way, with the new prince or princess dominating the news agenda. However, in the last seven days of PR, we have seen videos go viral, human beings locked in boxes in busy city centres and Reebok fans go on a virtual run whilst sat Instagramming on their sofas.

Reebok’s virtual run: ‘Hunt for the Pump’

Reebok has created the first ever Instagram-based virtual run through the city of San Francisco. Players are challenged to reach the finish line by going on a run through using social images. Starting at @ZPUMP_STARTINGLINE, users are required to find the Reebok Pump logo hidden within one of the images uploaded onto the profile, ‘like’ it and then tap onto the tag taking them to the next challenge.

The virtual run has begun and by going through these stages, passing through several San Francisco landmarks, the user will finally reach a finish line. Every user that completes the challenge gets entered into a prize draw to win some Reebok ZPUMP Fusions from their new range.

This campaign uses Instagram to its advantage, creates a simple virtual hunt promoting its new product range and allows users from across the world to take part whilst sat on their sofas. Although this campaign may go against their ‘Run Yourself Fit’ tagline, we absolutely love it!

Macmillan Cancer: Isolation Box

Sending out the message that you are #NotAlone, Macmillan Cancer Support placed an experimental glass box in Paddington Station, allowing people to see in but those inside to not see out. They aimed to evoke feelings of loneliness and isolation, raising awareness of this issue for cancer sufferers.

Users inside the box could only see their own reflection and hear the voices of current cancer sufferers. This stunt proved effective and achieved national and international coverage.


Pandora: Unique Connection

In a heart-warming video by Pandora, six families took part in an experiment, discovering whether a child can recognise their mother through touch and scent.

To touch on a women’s uniqueness and celebrate the special bond between a mother and their child, Pandora lined up six women while blindfolding their children and watching as they find their mother using these two senses.

This video went viral in just a couple of days. In just a week, the video was shared, liked and talked about in national media, receiving over 10 million views.


Rossman: Unique Blogger Collection

Rossman, a German drugstore chain, invited eight German Beauty bloggers to take part in a unique blogger event, giving them the opportunity to create their own nail vanish. Together with product experts, the bloggers had the chance to experiment with colours, textures and designs to make a finished product.

The Bloggers’ Collection: Limited Edition line has now been launched and is available in-store. The bloggers named the collection and designed the branding, with each nail polish becoming personal to each blogger. This is a great example of a brand successfully integrating bloggers into their campaign in a way that benefits both them and the business.

Bloggers Collection

Channel 4 Shuts E4

Our last campaign has been a great political shutdown. On the day of the general election, Channel 4 has announced that they will be shutting down sister station E4 for the whole day, encouraging young people to vote.

Viewers tuning in on 7th May will be not be able to keep up with the Made in Chelsea stars, laugh at The Big Bang Theory or watch Hollyoaks episodes. They will be greeted by ‘Darren’ for the day, eating his croissants whilst manning a control room.

Darren e4