The Loch Neggs Monster makes an appearance and Netflix is hiring!

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  • March 4, 2016
Carrie Rose Balloch

Carrie Rose Balloch

Digital PR Strategist

Every Friday we in the Digital PR team share our favourite creative PR campaigns and this week they got even better! As usual we have had to shortlist our favourite five campaigns and the following made the cut!

Netflix- #Grammasters3

When someone asks you what your dream job would be, do you say travelling the world watching Netflix, being paid £1,440 per week? If so, then this campaign is for you!


That’s right, Netflix is hiring people to travel the world and run their Instagram whilst they’re at it. Check it out here.

The trip would involve travelling around Europe for two full weeks during spring, visiting the spots where famous Netflix shows are filmed and taking pictures of the locations to upload to Instagram.

The three winners will get to meet the casts, take selfies, watch Netflix and travel Europe all at the same time! How to get involved you ask? Head to your Instagram profile NOW, and tag your THREE favourite pictures using the hashtag #Grammasters3 . You have till Sunday 6th March to apply… Good luck!

Volkswagen – connected dog app

Volkswagen may be having trouble with their cars, however when it comes to dogs they have solved a very common issue that a lot of us face.

More and more people who work full time do not have the time to take their dog for a walk. To make our lives easier, Volkswagen has created an app that remotely controls and unlocks the doggy door allowing your dog to slip out and take themselves for an evening stroll.

But surely the dog will get lost, you’re thinking? Wrong! The app can track your dog using the GPS system and watch what they are up to using the live cam. Afraid of your dog stepping out on the road? The app also allows you to command through its speaker! Shout “stop”, say “good boy” or call them home – the app is pretty much faultless… that is, if it’s real! Either way, it’s a great campaign and the dog wears a really cool hat!


Bride’s Magazine – #SheProposed

On the 29th February 2016, a leap day took place. As well as only happening once every four years, leap days also celebrate the legend of an old Irish tradition of women proposing to their partners.

The hashtag #Leapyear trended for two days over this time and within this was the  was the hashtag #SheProposed.

To celebrate the day, UK-based Brides magazine ran a campaign to take advantage of this opportunity. The editors gathered 11 women at The Savoy Hotel who then surprised their partners with a proposal.

I wont spoil the fun by telling you their answers as you can watch the full video here…

Asahi slow-mo booth

Japanese lager brand Asahi have launched their slow-motion booth which is now on a UK tour. The booth, which stands three metres high, is shaped like a pint glass and allows up to four people to enter, capturing their best moments in cinematic slow motion video and sharing them on social media.

The slow-motion effects, along with others like condensation and bubbles, makes them feel like they are trapped in a pint glass. This is a perfect opportunity for fun video footage and you can follow this using the hashtag #AsahiSlowMo.

Cadbury – Bunny’s been busy and Lock Neggs Monster

For those that don’t know, every year Cadbury runs a HUGE Easter campaign and this year they have launched it using the Loch Neggs Monster. Using three giant eggs, Cadbury has replicated the signature humps of the Loch Ness monster. The eggs themselves are said to weigh four tonnes each and are the height of a double decker bus!


This is to kick start their ‘Bunny’s been busy’ campaign, in which Cadbury eggs will pop up in unexpected locations in the country in the run up to Easter. You can follow the campaign and find out where the eggs have been hidden by using the hashtag #EggsEverywhere.

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