The New Google Keyword Tool is Terrible

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  • October 6, 2010
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Google released a new keyword research tool some time ago now and although it wasn’t very good people ignored it because you could still access the old tool which worked perfectly.

Now the old tool has been turned off and we are stuck with the new tool permanently.

Below are the things I hate most about this tool:

  • You have to fill in a captcha every time you load up the tool
  • There is no longer an option to just show search volumes for the keywords you enter into the box
  • Ticking the box to just show match type “Exact” has no effect and the tool still shows broad & phrase matches

There are only two things SEO people want to be able to do with a keyword tool:

  • 1. Enter a list of keywords and then export a CSV file containing the keywords they entered and the exact match local search volume for that keyword.
  • 2. Enter a list of keywords and have the option to get suggestions for relevant additional keywords to add to the list.

I did a quick straw poll in Twitter this morning and everybody seems to agree. Google please fix this ASAP!

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