The reason blogs all rank so highly

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  • May 22, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Some of you might be wondering why it is that blogs always seem to do better than e-commerce sites. The reason is quite simple.

SEO is all about links. Even the most well optimised sites need lots of links to get good rankings. Blogs differ from commercial sites in one major way and that is the fact they have links to and from their competitors.

Have you ever seen an e-commerce site with a list of links in the sidebar pointing at their competitors? Blogs link to other blogs all the time and, in return, usually get a load of links as a result.

Commercial sites are usually too short sighted to give out links – they want to get lots of links without doing anything in return. People who say that blogs rank because they are content rich are partially right but sites like Amazon seem to do OK based on lots of links and a few product reviews.

If you are starting a commercial site why not break the trend and start blogging and linking to your competitors. By working together you can get much higher rankings than by staying on your own.

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