The UK’s worst link builders

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  • March 24, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

As the owner of a few blogs in the UK I receive numerous emails every week from well known UK agencies wanting to buy links.

In most cases I ignore them but in some cases I email back to see what happens. Take the example of a big Leeds agency who sent the following email (names removed):

I am interested in advertising my client on your website.
I think they would be a good match on

I am interested in placing a text link add on the home page of your website.

The client I am wanting to advertise is [garden shed retailer]

Can you please get back to me on this A.S.A.P.

All The Best.

Referer 1:

Page visited 1:
Page visited 2:

Keyword 1: garden shed blog

Just to be clear, this person has found a mention of garden sheds in a linkbait post and thinks Blogstorm is about garden sheds. To make things worse they want a link from my homepage and not the page which is related to their site – if you are going to risk buying links at least make sure they are effective.

Buying a link from an SEO blog is like Google suicide.

It gets worse

However the funniest example yet is from one of the UK’s top 5 SEO agencies which has been emailing me lots over the last few months.

The email says something along the lines of:

I noticed you have an article about Client A on your site and I’m interested in paying you £50 to add a small reference to the relevant pages on the Client B site.

Let’s forget they are emailing a well known SEO blogger offering £50 for a link and focus on the fact they have got confused about which client they are link-building for. How many links must you be buying to mix up your clients like that?

I’ve saved the best bit for last though because this particular agency is probably the worst link-builders ever – for the simple reason that their “from” email address has a typo in the domain.

So every time I email to tell them to go away it just bounces. This has been the case every time I’ve emailed for the last few months. I’m guessing this particular link-builder isn’t getting very good results.

What amazes me is that a team leader hasn’t looked into why one of the link-builders isn’t able to build any links and figured out that it’s because his email address doesn’t work.

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