Thoughts on a few SEO things

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  • May 5, 2011
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Most of the UK has been doing very little for the last couple of weeks thanks to 4 bank holidays but there is still a load of interesting SEO news to wade through.

Firstly Google Analytics now has a page speed report which is very good for finding the slowest pages on your site.

Next up is Village Voice who were caught spamming reddit and then said they were very sorry, blamed an agency and said they knew nothing about it. Turns out they were caught spamming Digg years ago. Plenty of people spam social media sites but you need to have the guts to stand up and admit it if you get caught.

A new company is offering digital due diligence services so investors and people buying companies can see whether that company is likely to get hit by a Google penalty or not. Sounds like a great idea aside from that company has a marketing strategy involving outing businesses to Techcrunch. Outing is not a marketing strategy no matter how useful & noble the business idea is.

The big news of course is that the Panda update is still here and hasn’t gone away. We have still not seen a single credible report of a site fixing itself although there will no doubt be a few borderline cases that move in and out of the Panda zone as Google tweaks the algorithm. The sites we have seen so far all have a few things in common:

  • Content which is very similar to other sites (gadget blogs get hit by this)
  • Content which is duplicated on other sites (ecommerce & affiliate sites struggle here)
  • Sites which get all their traffic from Google (a lot of people who focus too much on SEO struggle with this)
  • Sites that get way too much traffic from Google anyway (if you are getting 50k visits per day and lose 10k then that is a correction, not a penalty)

Finaly, the big US site hit by a Google penalty recently has now been released from the penalty box. It seems that ecommerce sites can use link spam in the runup to Christmas and then be penalty free by Easter.

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