Tinder trips, woolly fish, and the big tea debate

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  • July 28, 2017
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

It’s time for the PR roundup! Every Friday, we take a look back over the past seven days at some of our favourite campaigns from across the world. This week, we’re in Yorkshire, Bridlington, and the USA…

What do Brits love the most? Tea, of course!

On Monday, @Yorkshireprobs tweeted a tea colour chart, which has gone viral. Everyone is getting involved in the debate of which shade of tea is the correct way to drink tea.

Without any intention, Yorkshire Tea have been brought into the debate as well, with many Twitter users mentioning the tea brand in their tweets;

Bridlington hit by Yarn Bombers

Mysterious and colourful knitted shapes have been appearing around Bridlington, and it has been baffling visitors and residents as to what’s going on.

Taking inspiration from the town’s history of knitting and fishing, groups of talented knitters have been creating the display of all things inspired by the seaside, including fish, beach huts, and seagulls. They have all been created as part of the Townscape Heritage project, which aims to restore and enhance part of Bridlington’s town centre and seafront to help ensure the heritage is preserved for future generations.

Yarn bombing in Bridlington

Five years of pregnancy for American women

86% of US employees do not get paid maternity/paternity leave through by their employers. In order to highlight this The National Partnership for Women and Families created this video of a worker named Lauren, to bring the issue to light through humour and the truth.

Due to not being paid, 1 in 4 new mothers in the US are back at work without 2 weeks of giving birth. The video shows that Lauren has worked for 5 years in a row to save up her annual leave so she can enjoy her maternity leave without worrying about money.

Tinder get really involved in their job

You probably heard the story a few weeks ago about Tinder trying to get a particular couple together, who had been messaging for three year, yet had never met. They had a running joke about taking a few months at a time to message each other back.

Well, Tinder decided to get involved and send them off on a holiday together to Hawaii. But a big twist in the story was that Good Morning America offered for them to meet for the first time while appearing on the show. Now we just have to wait and see how it goes!

Tips on safe places to park your car

Last year, over 800,000 car thefts were reported to the police, making it one of the most frequent crimes in the UK. To help prevent this from happening, Co-op Insurance have created a interesting tool to show people the car crime rates in their area.

The Park Smart tool uses data from November 2016 to April 2017, published by the Home Office, to display the number of vehicle crimes in the area that you park your car, over the last six months.

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