‘Tis the season of good will… and great PR campaigns

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  • December 15, 2017
Beth Hibbert

Beth Hibbert

Digital PR Strategist

‘Tis the season of goodwill, and the PR world is no exception. Brands across all industries have been doing their bit with charitable campaigns this week.

Whether they’re tugging on our heartstrings or tying into popular British interests, there have been loads of great campaigns, generating online buzz and conversation. Read on to find out about which stood apart from the rest this week…

London’s Euston station to turn into Christmas Day homeless shelter

On Christmas Day this year, London’s Euston station will transform into a shelter for 200 homeless people. Network Rail staff have teamed up with St Mungo’s and Streets Kitchen to provide shelter, food and festive feels for those living on the streets.

According to Hello Magazine, Steve Naybour, from Network Rail, said:

“Working on Christmas Day is pretty much par for the course for many of us who work for Network Rail but this year, because I wasn’t scheduled to work, myself and a handful of colleagues came up with this plan to feed some of London’s homeless instead.”

He added: “St Mungo’s and Streets Kitchen have been fantastic. And I’m proud to say we’ve had lots of interest from Network Rail colleagues to volunteer to come along on the day to help out.”

The event is a great opportunity for the charities involved to help more people than ever this Christmas, which can be a really difficult and lonely time for the homeless community.

#DoggyXmasJumperDay world record attempt

In an incredibly cute Christmas campaign, BorrowMyDoggy (an online pet walking service) organised a World Record Breaking event to raise money for Save The Children. The fundraiser saw over 300 furry friends and their owners step out in the snow, in order to break the record for the most doggy Christmas jumpers worn in one place.

This was to support the charity’s annual Christmas jumper day which takes place today (Friday 15th December). Helena Wiltshire, who is Head of PR at Save The Children, said:

“[…] We are so grateful to BorrowMyDoggy and all the adorable pooches who wore their festive knits today to support Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.”

Save The Children and BorrowMyDoggy were certainly barking up the right tree when they came up with this idea! By teaming together one of the nation’s most popular charitable days with their favourite pet, both the brand and charity were able to benefit from national news coverage and huge public support.

Bucket loads of coverage for WaterAid’s Untapped appeal

Clean water and sanitation are something we take for granted in the UK, yet one in nine children around the world don’t have access to it. In a considered PR stunt from WaterAid, 800 multi-coloured buckets have been placed along the River Thames, to raise awareness and represent the 800 children who lose their lives every day.

The bucket installation is open to the public, generating interest from passers-by as well as getting media pick up and online shares. The campaign works so well as it creates curiosity, and the reason behind the activity is well thought out. Not only do the buckets represent each child, but the amount of water each bucket holds would provide a week’s worth of safe drinking water, too.

To support the cause and ‘buy a bucket’, you can text BUCKET to 70372 to donate £2 per month. Any donations made before January 2018 will be matched by the UK Government.

Cards Against Humanity “Saves America” AGAIN

This next campaign is another charitable one. You might remember that last month, the controversial game maker, Cards Against Humanity, ran a campaign encouraging their fans to help buy a piece of land on the US/Mexican border. This was to try and make life a little more complicated for Donald Trump and his wall building scheme.

Well, it turns out that they’ve now followed up on this to tackle another issue, wealth inequality, by actively redistributing money between Americans. A portion of the money raised from fans is now being sent out to 100 of the poorest customers who gave, and a further 10,000 are receiving their own money back.

A letter was sent out to each person saying:

Dear Citizen,

In order to deliver on our promise to save America, we knew we needed to tackle our country’s biggest issue: wealth inequality. The richest 0.1% of Americans have as much wealth as the bottom 90%.

Our lawyers wouldn’t let us pursue our first choice – a campaign to eat all the rich people and live in their houses – so we settled for something more achievable. Today, Cards Against Humanity has redistributed everyone’s wealth.

We’ve got some good news and some bad news. Let’s start with the bad: according to the survey you filled out when you signed up for CAH Saves America, you are one of the poorest 100 recipients. Now for the good news: you’re getting a check for $1,000, paid for by everyone else. Yes, the check is real, and you can actually cash it. To read more about other people who got $1,000, check out CardsAgainstHumanityRedistributesYourWealth.com.

I love you,

Cards Against Humanity

P.S. The next 10,000 poorest recipients got a $15 refund check. But who cares about them.

Simba Snoozeliners

With party season well underway, Simba Mattresses have come up with the perfect solution to your end of night travel trauma with the Snoozeliner! After a slightly boozy Christmas party, there is nothing worse than the thought of enduring public transport, trying to stay awake until you finally reach home and can flop into bed.

The Snoozeliner will be a double decker bus filled with cosy sleeper pods, so that party goers and shift workers can travel home in comfort, stealing a few extra moments of shut eye. There will also be fitted with USB chargers, WIFI, and storage for valuables.

James Cox, CEO of Simba said:

“For workers and party-goers alike, the prospect of walking straight into your bed as soon as you’ve finished is the dream, but for many it can involve a lengthy commute home when you’re shattered or a bit worse for wear.

“We’re always looking at how we can use our technology to redefine an existing experience. The Simba Snoozeliner service is all about helping people top up some valuable lost sleep time in a design that’s every bit as comfortable as their bed at home.”

There’s also a fun competition on their social media channels for those willing to share their funny stories of falling asleep on public transport.

It was hard whittling down our top five campaigns this week, those featured have really shown how creative thinking can turn into mass media coverage, and links. Because we’ve loved so many this week, though, here are a few extra campaigns worth mentioning…