Ever been insulted by a captcha?

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  • June 16, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

After seeing the “plumpho” captcha on Digg last week I did some searching and came up with the Top 11 most insulting captchas. Most people hate captchas whether they are insulting or not, lets hope a better solution comes along soon.

Luckily, these were not found on Weight Watchers.

Fat Captcha

Plump Captcha

Arsch is most insulting to Germans……….

Arsch Captcha

Asses Captcha
Only retards require Google Account assistance.

Retard Captcha

Craigslist obviously didn’t want this guys advert.

Fck Captcha

Webby awards even spelled subscribe wrong in this image.

Webby Captcha

Blogger Captcha

A special prize for the longest captcha ever goes to Google for this 68 character monster.

Google Captcha

A special mention goes to Google, for producing most of the images in this post including these final two.

Google Captcha

Pness Captcha


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