The top five campaigns that made a fool out of us this week

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  • April 2, 2015
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

This week signalled the official start of spring as March came to a close, the clocks went back an hour and we waited patiently to see if we’d emerge from April Fool’s day prank-free.  It was a great April Fool’s Day, filled with some great examples of engagement from brands and businesses that didn’t disappoint. We’ve pulled together our favourite campaigns from this week:

Tesco introduces bouncy aisles

Tesco joined in on the April Fool’s fun yesterday, announcing plans to introduce bouncy aisles to their stores in collaboration with TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh! It’s great to see such a big brand taking the opportunity to engage with their audience on social media in a fun and light-hearted way. The stunt gained the supermarket chain over 2,000 retweets on Twitter and increased engagement with the younger demographic that makes up Lucy’s fan base.


Miz Mooz Launches the ‘Selfie Shoe’

Miz Mooz

The selfie-stick was arguably one of the most controversial devices invented 2014. As well as being banned from many museums, concerts and even festivals, many find them awkward to travel around with. Fortunately, New York-based shoe brand Miz Mooz has come up with the answer to all of our selfie problems by creating: The selfie shoe! The selfie shoe capitalises on society’s desire to take the perfect selfie and probably fooled a lot of budding photographers out there too! This clever marketing stunt gained Miz Mooz mass coverage on both national publications and social media and is a perfect example of the way reactive public relations can propel brand awareness.  

BMW Calls our bluff

BMW New Zealand pulled the ultimate double bluff this April Fool’s Day. They placed a coupon in the local paper, promising a free car to the first person to come into store on April 1st with the coupon and their car. Whilst thousands of wary readers clearly dismissed the ad as a prank, one lucky lady took a chance and bagged herself a brand new $50k BMW, complete with a big party-popper celebration! This campaign is the perfect example of the effectiveness of ‘surprise and delight’ stunts for instilling positive brand association.  

Pizza delivery from Domi-NO-drivers

Dominos tried to break headlines this week by announcing the release of the world’s first pizza delivery vehicle! This was no half-hearted stunt; Dominos went the full hog, supporting the prank with a landing page, video of the robot delivering pizza, a hashtag – #dominodriver and they even went as far as to send out emails to their subscribers to alert them of the new robot! Needless to say, everyone was disappointed to hear it was an April Fool, but all was not lost as the campaign gained a lot of media attention and became a trending topic on Twitter.



Hunters launch the original dog boot

This stunt made all of our hearts melt and we all wished it was true when luxury shoe brand Hunters announced on Twitter that they would be launching a line for dogs! However, it turned out to be a great stunt that had the Twittersphere buzzing with speculation.