Our top five PR campaigns this week; including Madame Tussauds, Virgin Trains and Deliveroo

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  • March 16, 2018
William Hobson

William Hobson

Senior Digital PR Strategist

    It’s that time of week again… We’ve handpicked our five favourite PR campaigns of the week with examples from Deliveroo, Virgin Trains and Zalando. Read on to find out why.

    Virgin Trains – #Avocard

    If you are aged between 26-30 you may have heard about the railcard that was released this week, however, it was extremely hard to get hold of due to the website crashing consistently from the high volumes of users.

    In response to this, Virgin Trains came up with a reactive campaign that would allow their customers the same discount when buying tickets with them directly. All you need to do is bring an avocado to the counter at one of their ticket offices.

    There have been mixed reactions to the campaign on social media. Some say that it’s genius, others think it’s offensive. What do you think?

    The discount is only on this week, so if you want to get cheaper train tickets with Virgin you will need to buy them soon!

    Virgin's Avocard

    (Source: Virgin Trains)

    Royal Mail – Top 12 cities

    This PR campaign is a data led piece that has got some great coverage on the likes of Daily Mail, City AM and the Evening Standard.

    Royal Mail have released a top 12 list of places to live in the UK with Edinburgh taking first place and London coming second. These cities have been ranked by green spaces, education and healthcare to score them a place in the list.

    The full list can be seen below:

    Top 12 UK places to live

    1. Edinburgh
    2. London
    3. Bristol
    4. Newcastle-Gateshead
    5. Manchester
    6. Glasgow
    7. Leeds
    8. Cardiff
    9. Sheffield
    10. Liverpool
    11. Belfast
    12. Birmingham

    This is a good example of how you can use data in your PR campaigns and get links from it. Not only has this list been covered on nationals, it has also received lots of regional coverage too.


    Zalando – Advertising against brand

    Recently, Zalando announced that they would be replacing 250 marketing and communication jobs with Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms. These cuts are part of a new structure to the business with a new strategy.

    However, current marketing employees haven’t been too impressed by the changes and as they are in charge of the marketing budget, they decided to show their frustration through the best way they know, advertising.

    They have released an advert that goes against the brand and highlights the unemployment that many are going to face due to the restructure. It is in keeping with their most recent campaign ‘Me. Unlimited.’ But they have changed it to say, ‘Me. Unemployed.’

    Zalando's Me. Unemployed. campaign

    (Source: Reddit)

    Deliveroo – 10 Millionth Burger Billboard

    To celebrate their 10 millionth burger being sold, Deliveroo have got creative. This week, on the 13th March Deliveroo were in Shoreditch. They built a giant burger billboard where people could come and get free burgers to celebrate with them. The billboard is made up of 2,000 burger boxes and was 6 metres wide.

    The campaign has got lots of coverage in nationals this week, including London sites and PR sites. We think it’s a great creative campaign and a good example of getting consumers involved in their PR stunts.

    Deliveroo billboard

    (Source: Deliveroo)

    Madame Tussauds – Hulk comes to Blackpool

    To mark the launch of Madame Tussauds new Marvel Superheroes area the company have launched a PR stunt in Blackpool. The Hulk has arrived beneath Blackpool Tower and is seen holding back a vintage tram in a dramatic scene.

    The character will be joined by Thor and Spider-man over the next week until the attraction opens next Friday. The stunt is costing Madame Tussauds £1 million, so it’ll be interesting to see how much traction they get on their opening week.

    Madame Tussauds - Hulk

    (Source: PR Examples)

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