Dove’s #ChooseBeautiful plus Mr Burger and Mrs King

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  • April 10, 2015
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing


Irish stationery firm Daintree Paper decided to take a stand against the upsurge of homophobic flyers published in the run up to the Irish Marriage Equality referendum this week and the results have been heart-warming!

The printers have started a campaign to turn homophobic flyers into wedding confetti, all in the name of showing a #ShredOfDecency for marriage equality, with all proceeds going to the Yes Equality organisation. This is a brilliant example of how companies can clearly portray their identity and what they stand for as a brand, as well as acting socially responsible through supporting a cause that is personal to them.

Birds Eye takes frozen food to new levels

Birds Eye took to London’s South Bank this week with a 20ft block of ice, filled with £700 worth of cash as part of a PR stunt to highlight how much the average consumer could be saving each year! It’s hard not to love the simplicity of this stunt, as it conveys the brand’s key message in a clear, succinct and extremely visual way. So far, it’s been a success, gaining coverage in relevant trade publications as well as on social media. Bird's Eye

Dove questions if you’re average or beautiful?

This week, Dove released another thought-provoking video as part of their new #ChooseBeautiful campaign. The company carried out a worldwide survey into females’ perception of their beauty and released a video to support their staggering findings, which revealed that the overwhelming majority of women see themselves as just ‘average’. We particularly like the way in which Dove remain consistent with their key messaging throughout all of their PR campaigns and really seem to draw inspiration from the lives of their target audience.

Burger King pays for Mr Burger and Miss King to tie the knot

It’s been a good week for couples it seems, as soon-to-be newlyweds Mr Burger and Miss King received a proposal from Burger King that they couldn’t refuse.  The fast food chain has offered to pay the full expenses, including gifts, as a goodwill gesture towards the couple who share the fast food chain’s name. This is reactive PR at its finest; we particularly love the way Burger King has capitalised on this quirky story and added an element of surprise and delight, which paints the company in a positive light.

Burger King

Kleenex mop up as Zayn departs

It’s been a few weeks now, but it seems many are still struggling to come to terms with Zayn Malik’s departure from popular boyband One Direction. Tissue brand Kleenex has come to the rescue, teaming up with Madame Tussaud’s to place a ‘tissue attendant’ around Zayn’s statue for the perfect PR photo opportunity for both organisations. Simple yet effective reactive PR strikes again!