TweeterGetter Will Get You 15,625 New Followers

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  • February 12, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

It seems that Twitter is about to be over-run by a terrible pyramid scheme which allows people to get thousands of new followers.

Twitter Search is going mad this morning with TweeterGetter – it’s quite likely the whole of Twitter will grind to a halt later as a result.

You can see how it works by visiting or (don’t sign up unless you want to follow loads of strange people).

The concept is simple, when you retweet the message in the form below, you will automatically start following the 6 people in front of you in the system.

A message posted on your twitter will automatically be formated with your unique link. Meaning that when people follow through to this site, they will have to follow you in position 1 to use the system themselves.

Now when those people refer others via their link, their new followers will also follow you in position 2 and so on down 5 levels deep. By the time you reach the 5th position, you will have thousands, if not tens of thousands of new twitter followers… and it NEVER stops growing!

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