Twitition competition helps raise awareness for a brave young boy

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  • June 8, 2011
Felicity Crouch

Felicity Crouch

Marketing Manager

2011 has been a strange year for our multi-award-winning site Back in April, and suffered from prolonged and potent DDoS attacks. After some research, we found that a Twitition to free a Chinese activist seemed to have sparked the attacks.

Although quickly resolved, the attacks left Twitition’s traffic a little sluggish, and so we launched a competition which would see the creator of the most popular Twitition win £500; to try and motivate and encourage Twitition users back to the site.

Jack MarshallOver the next few weeks, it became apparent that a particular Twitition was quickly gaining in popularity. But this one wasn’t anything to do with celebrities, popstars, or politics, as is so often case for Twitition; this one was special.

Set up by Tracey Marshall, this Twitition aimed to raise the awareness of brain tumours, and to support Jack – Tracey’s son. At just five years old, Jack has been fighting for his life for over a year, undergoing various treatments and operations to battle a brain tumour.

Jack was diagnosed with the tumour in 2009, and despite quickly having an operation to remove it; the tumour had already spread around his brain and spine, leaving him unable to walk or talk. The next year would be full of chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and transfusions for little Jack, who never once complained throughout the whole ordeal.

Tracey and Craig, Jack’s dad, had been left devastated and shocked as to how quickly their son’s condition had worsened, and wanted to ensure other parents knew how to spot the signs. The Jack Marshall Brain Tumour Fund was set up to support Jack’s treatment and also to raise awareness in the wider community.

Twitition was used as a platform to take awareness of the fund to the social media world, and help raise money for the worthy cause.

Having exceeded the popularity of all of the other Twititions, Tracey’s Twitition for Jack won the competition by far with 2,337 signatures. We couldn’t have been happier to tell the Marshall family that brave Jack and his family had won the competition and we’d be not only sending them the prize money, but donating the same amount to Jack’s fund.

With 450 children being diagnosed with a brain tumour every year in the UK, it’s important that parents know what signs to look out for so that their child can be treated early on. The website for Jack’s fund provides plenty more information on this, and tells you how you can donate today.

From fun topics to life-changing subjects, Twitition has the power to reach those intended and make a difference, and we’re thrilled that it’s been able to contribute to such an admirable cause.

So congratulations to Jack, Tracey and Craig, and we hope his inspirational story continues to raise awareness across the world.

You can find out more information at, or you can follow Jack on Twitter at @Jack_Marshall_ and the popular hash-tag #JackMarshallRules

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