Twitition defies the odds to win an Interactive Media Award

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  • May 18, 2011

Interactive Media Award 2011
Despite becoming the subject of random DDoS attacks back in April; Branded3’s online petition site, Twitition, has won an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award for social networking; further demonstrating Branded3’s innovation in social media.

Recognising “excellence in web design and development, and a high standard of planning, execution, and overall professionalism”, the Interactive Media Award has marked a happy ending to an inconvenient period of attacks, and rewards our efforts to overcome them and make the famous site better than ever.

With increasing popularity that never ceases to astonish us; Twitition now has over 710,000 followers, making it (at time of writing) the 539th most popular Twitter account in the world. Providing a space for Twitter users to easily create and sign petitions on any topic; Twitition has transformed the process of petitioning, and utilised an effective and worldwide social tool.

Judged by a number of acclaimed industry professionals, Twitition surpassed the high number of entries in the social networking category to attain a score of 475 out of 500, deeming it an ‘Outstanding Achievement’.

Whilst receiving any accolade of this status is a nice surprise, what was even more remarkable for us was knowing that we’d won this award whilst sustaining random web attacks. Having done some research into why anyone would want to target our site, we believe a Twitition to free Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei could have been the cause.

However, with our talented and unrivalled development team, these DDoS attacks weren’t much of a difficulty to overcome, and we quickly resolved the issue to allow the site to continue to be a fun, engaging, and revolutionary platform for many.

If you want some help creating a social media presence, or some advice on how to make yours more successful, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today and speak to a member of our team.

Felicity Crouch

About Felicity Crouch

Felicity is Branded3’s Marketing Manager and develops and executes a creative marketing strategy for the agency to encourage new business. With a background in journalism and digital project management, Felicity manages a large number of marketing channels effectively to raise Branded3’s profile and facilitate the growth of the company.

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