Twitition – The One Direction to Social Media Fame!

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  • September 13, 2012

One Direction

One Direction is one of only a small amount of UK acts to really break America. Following in the footsteps of musical greats such as The Beatles and Coldplay, 1D fever seems to have been contracted by the teenage population of our neighbours across the pond; but what’s the magic formula?

It seems the definitive answer is a shrewdly strategised and sharply executed social media campaign; masterminded by their marketing team.

One fifth of the teen band, Liam, 18, told The Mirror’s website last year: “Twitter has been a major factor in getting our name out there. Just as Twitter has gone up, so we have, too. They’ve gone hand-in-hand.

“And, picture-wise, Tumblr has helped us a lot. It has really accelerated our success.”

Band mate, Niall (who turned 19 today – the 13th of September!) added: “If you ask American fans where they found out about us it’s always Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Facebook… it’s the most powerful thing we have.”

These sentiments were concurred by the chief of One Direction’s record label, Takhar: “Social media has become the new radio – it has never broken an act globally like this before.”

So with this in mind, it is really encouraging to see that America’s favourite British boys are using Branded3’s social media innovation – Twitition – as a tool in their social media campaign.

Their latest campaign comprises of 25 Twititions in total, where One Direction beseeches the power of decision onto their fans themselves!

The News section of their website, explains the rules:

“Are you ready to Bring 1D to your city? Click on your city below and sign the Twitition to get started. We’ll choose the top 10 Twititions with the most votes to move on to the next round. The city with the most votes will also get 50 points to start. If you don’t see your city listed below, click on the city closest to you. The deadline to participate is Thursday Sept 13th at 11:59 PM EST. We’ll announce the results and the first challenge on Friday, September 14th”.

Currently, Dallas Texas seems to home the biggest 1D fan base with a massive 6853 signatures on the Twitition ‘Bring 1D to Dallas’, with New York and LA coming in as a close second and third with 6389 and 3720 votes on their Twititions respectively (numbers correct 12.00 pm 13.9.12).

The Twititions are only live until 12am tonight and it looks set to be a nail biting end!

All in all, the audience engagement from the campaign seems to have given the band another push in its mission towards becoming the USA’s ultimate sweethearts, and not only does this strategy give a massive amount of publicity to the band in the USA; it gives marketers a clear idea of where the band’s fan base lies and what geographical areas should be targeted for further saturation.

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