Twitter has changed blogging forever

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  • February 6, 2009
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Twitter is exploding right now and is the 83rd most visited website in the UK according to Hitwise. With the growth of Twitter has come a big shift in the way people are interacting with blogs.

Aaron Wall was first to spot the changed calling Twitter Corrosive to Online Marketing:

In the past when you did something quite cool and attention-worthy people would reference it on their blogs. But now in the age of Twitter, many people mention your stuff on Twitter.

This can be good if they have thousands of Twitter followers, but if most the people mentioning a topic are all in the same small tight knit space then you are only reaching a fraction of a fraction of the potential distribution you would have before the age of Twitter.

The way blogs become popular is by being mentioned lots of times on other popular blogs. It’s very hard to become popular using social networks alone. If blog readers are deciding to spread interesting links via Twitter instead of blogging about it on their own sites then new blogs will struggle to gain readership.

To try and gain more market share on Blogstorm I installed a button at the end of each post to allow people to easily share the story via Twitter. It works great to get people sharing the post but the displaying of Tweets part isn’t working at present.

What has been very apparent since the plugin was installed is that comments have dropped significantly. People would prefer to click a button that sends the same Tweet everybody else is sending than leave a comment in the normal way.

I guess there is a decision to be made – more people Tweeting my posts or more people leaving blog comments. As somebody who very rarely leaves comments on blogs I suggest Twitter is more important.

What do you think?

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