Showcase: Watch Shop – The magic of time travel

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  • June 6, 2014

Client: Watch Shop
Platform: Bespoke Design & Development


The Watch Shop is a leading online retailer of watches and is the UK’s most visited watch website.

The Challenge

We created a time travel graphic with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

  •  Increase brand awareness
  • Attract coverage of the asset
  • Increase traffic to the site through increased rankings
  • Increase revenue through increased traffic

Our Approach

Our answer was a custom creative solution looking at some of the most iconic time-travel based movies of all time to create an engaging piece of content.

Since this graphic was going to be embedded on other sites and blogs, it was important to ensure the design was flexible. So we  focused on designing the content and experience to work well on a white background and ensure that the graphic looked like it belonged wherever it was placed.

The concept was to create an interactive timeline based on the six iconic movies chosen to feature.  We wanted this to be a fun and engaging piece that would encourage the user to explore and click around. We did this by having the timeline animate as it was explored.

A very clean vector graphic style – evoking both 70’s science text book diagrams and classic sci-fi motion graphics – was used so that the movie and information could be communicated fast and evocatively.  In order to keep with the graphic theme, we created custom illustrations to represent each movie based on retro movie posters. Once the initial designs were mocked up in Photoshop, we then created the piece using Adobe Edge Animate and jQuery. The end result is an interactive content piece that appeals to the Watch Shop’s broad audience make-up, whilst engaging the cult following of each of the films involved.







Eden Bell

About Eden Bell

Hailing all the way from Canada, Eden is our experienced Lead Designer with over six years’ experience in branding, print and digital design, and has worked in agencies all over the world. Eden applies conceptual thinking from her qualifications in graphic design and illustration to the digital world, producing work that is both creative and intuitive. Eden’s passion at Branded3 lies with interactive design; being able to see her visions come to life to create a memorable experience for users.

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