Web Directories: how much do you pay?

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  • June 22, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

With one of the World’s biggest directories, Business.com, up for sale today at an estimated $400 million price tag I started thinking about which directories were good value.

Whenever I launch a new commercial site I always submit to the Yahoo Directory and Business.com as well as maybe 5 other high quality paid directories. Google needs some early signs of trust from your site and the fact you are willing to fork out over $500 to get listed in some high quality, human edited directories is a good sign your site will be around for a while.

How much would you pay?

Yahoo – $299 per year:

Getting answers fast is important to your business. With Yahoo! Directory Submit, your request to be listed in the Directory will be reviewed and the Yahoo! editorial team will respond to you within 7 business days, for a review fee of only $299 ($600 for adult sites). If your listing is accepted into the Directory, there will be a $299 recurring annual fee in subsequent years ($600 for adult sites) to maintain the listing.

Business.com – $199 per year:

Add your site to the Business.com Internet Directory to promote your products and services to our 6+ million monthly business visitors. Just $199/year gets you listed in the leading online business-to-business Internet Directory.

The listings in Business.com offer quite good value in my opinion as you can include 4 deep links as well as a link to your homepage. The listing shows up in several categories of your choice.

Would you pay for a Yahoo or Business.com listing?

Finding other directories

The key with finding a trusted directory is to make sure that it ranks well in Google. I like to search for my leading competitors brand name and see which directory sites are coming up first. These are the ones to submit to. If you do that for 10 competitors then you have a solid basis of trusted links and, most importantly, some co-citation to help Google realise that your site is related to your competitors.

Which directories do you submit to? What’s the most you would spend on a single directory? Also do you have any good tips on finding directories to submit to?

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