Thanks Google, I’m going to build a web directory

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  • September 25, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Four weeks ago if somebody had told me I would even think about building a web directory they would have been kicked out of my office.

The industry was overwhelmed with thousands of almost identical sites, the only difference being some had “authority” and a high PR that only comes from years of promotion. These trusted directories were the market leaders and nobody in their right mind would want to try and compete, even with a large budget and 18 months to spare.

Google intervenes

Today the market leaders are pretty much all penalized with some no doubt on the way to PR0 at the next update. Some might think this is the end for the industry but I reckon its a fantastic opportunity for me and anybody else with the resources to create a new directory.

Imagine if all the market leaders in your niche disappeared overnight. How much money would you make?

Over the next few months I’m going to build a directory according to the Google guidelines, its going to be one of the best in the world.


  • I won’t buy ANY links
  • I won’t exchange ANY links
  • It won’t list ANY other directories
  • None of the backlinks will come from directories
  • Nobody will be able to buy a link in the directory (we will charge for a review)

Watch this space.

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