What a week! Trump is victorious and Christmas is coming

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  • November 11, 2016
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

There were two main topics on everyone’s minds this week; the election of the new US President, Donald Trump, and the release of the legendary John Lewis Christmas advert.. Of course, both made our PR campaigns of the week.

Comfort Food for Americans

On November 9th 2016, it was announced that Donald Trump would be taking over from Barack Obama in January 2017 as Leader of the Free World. The result which was quite a shock for a lot of people, so The Diner in London decided to give American’s living in London the opportunity to enjoy some comfort food to help raise their spirits – or celebrate Trump’s win.

American citizens could visit any of the nine restaurants in London, prove their nationality with their ID, and get a free cheeseburger. It may take more than a free cheeseburger to make people feel better about the result, but it’s certainly a start!

It’s a dog life this Christmas

The John Lewis Christmas advert has finally been released, which means Christmas is officially upon us. Even though the advert has had the usual praise and criticisms, they’ve put some great additional PR behind it, too.

Buster the Boxer

After three teasers, a case of mistaken identity and plenty of speculation, Buster the Boxer captured hearts across the nation when the advert was released.

To help boost the buzz of the advert, John Lewis have created their own Buster the Boxer snapchat filter. A few members of our team gave it a go, including Director Laura Crimmons and our CEO Tim Grice, who seems to have been caught by the squirrel in the filter….

Rate your mates

To promote Black Mirror season 3, episode 1, ‘Nosedive’, Netflix have created an app where you can rate your friends, or view your own rating by typing in your name or Twitter handle. This is based on the episode, which shows the downfall of one of the lead character due to her obsession with her social status and rating.

At the bottom of the app, there is a link to ‘boost your ratings’, but cleverly this actually takes you to the Black Mirror page on the Netflix site.

Have a go here, and see your rating.

Drop your husband off at nursery

Everyone has been dragged around the shops when they don’t want to be there. Vanke Mall in Shanghai have come up with a solution – but it’s just for men.

The ‘husband nursery’ has been created to give bored or tired men take a break, while out shopping with their wives or girlfriends. The rooms on the 3rd floor of the mall includes a TV, massage chair and magazines/newspapers to keep the men occupied while their partners shop.

Husband Nursery

It would be a bit better if it wasn’t just aimed at men, but we love the idea!

Explore a Syrian war home

In partnership with Red Cross Norway, Ikea have performed a stunt to show shoppers the reality of the living conditions for people in Syria. The project, which is named ’25 metres of Syria’, was hidden in between the usual showrooms in Ikea and is based on the house of a real family in Syria.

The house also features the Ikea posters yet instead of product descriptions, the posters include stories of Syrians who deal with daily shortages, and each price tag includes a call to action to donate to the charity.