This week’s PR campaigns: Boosts to tourism and a hunt for big kids

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  • September 22, 2017
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

It’s officially the beginning of Autumn in the UK today, but elsewhere a lot of brands are trying to increase their tourism numbers and get people outside with stunts and augmented reality. Here’s our pick of the best stunts and campaigns from this week.

Wetherspoons support Tax Equality Day

Wednesday 20th September is also known as Tax Equality Day, and to support it Wetherspoons decided to reduce their prices by 7.5% for the full day.

Wetherspoon Pub

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Brits are quite partial to a meal and drink deal in the high street pub chain, but they want to raise awareness on the high taxes that pubs charge on any food and drink they sell, whereas supermarkets don’t have to. They wanted to show customers how much money they could save if VAT was lowered permanently.

It was a great stunt to increase the amount of footfall in their pubs, but also received some great coverage including UNILAD, The Sun, The Metro and The Star, as well as a lot of regional newspapers.

Ice hotels, submarine hotels but now there’s a sand hotel

Gold Coast Tourism and Hostelworld have partnered up to create a new type of hotel, a ‘Sand Hostel’. It’s been built to try and change the perception of hostels and to show them as a more social place to stay.

The sand hostel took 21 days to build and used 24 tonnes of sand. It was created by Dennis Massoud who is also known as ‘The Sandman’. Some lucky people will have been able to stay overnight at the hostel but tonight is the last night it’s open for business.

It has been a great campaign and has more than likely achieved what Hostelworld and Gold Coast Tourism wanted it too, as it’s been covered on travel, architectural, national and lifestyle publications.

Toys R Us are looking for big kids

It’s been a week of highs and lows for Toys R Us. The business side of things hasn’t been great as they’ve filed for bankruptcy in the US and Canada, but over this side of the pond their seeing the fun side of things. They’re currently recruiting mums and dads to be their toy testers.

Toys "R" us

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Named the ‘Toyologist Programme’, the successful applicants will be sent toys to test with their children, and then must report back to let Toys R Us know whether they think they should stock them.

If you fancy the job, you can apply here.

QR code made of trees

Xilinshui village in Hebei, China has jumped on the craze of QR codes (they’re still very popular in China) and created 130,000 juniper trees to create, what could be, the biggest QR code ever.

QR Code

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The code is 227m each way and is designed to be scanned by passengers as they fly over in planes. After scanning the code takes you to Xilinshui’s tourism page on WeChat, which is China’s equivalent to WhatsApp.

The stunt has gained a lot of coverage so has gained a wider reach than they thought it would. It’s gained coverage on Mashable, Digital Trends, BBC news.

Flamingos and Yellow Cabs come to Paris

Kate Spade New York opened a Parisian flagship store this summer, and they’ve launched it with an augmented reality experiences that turns iconic Parisian landmarks into an interactive playground that includes flamingos and yellow cabs.

The app has filters on 10 famous Parisian locations and when users are on the app they will experience “unexpected moments of joy” such as pink flamingos in the Seine or a yellow cab in a Parisian street.

The campaign is a great way of getting people more involved in the launch and is an ingenious use of modern technology but we think they could have done a bit more with it, such as turning it into a scavenger hunt style competition to incentivize more people to get involved.

Our favourite PR campaigns from last week included a ‘TasteFace’ app from Marmite, gender-neutral shoes from Clarks and Roald Dahl inspired Happy Meals from McDonald’s, you can read about these campaigns and more here.