What do Skittles, superheroes, and SpareRoom have in common?

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  • January 15, 2016
David White

David White

Head of Content Marketing

…They’ve all been involved in campaigns that we have loved, of course!

The PR world is kicking off 2016 with some motivational music, sugary treats, healthy superheroes and cheap rent! You won’t find any January Blues in this week’s PR campaigns – even the cute bunny that got lost from its owner had a whale of a time.

Warner Bros. banishes commuters’ blues with an orchestra

To celebrate the release of the new Rocky movie Creed, Warner Bros. set up a live orchestra in Chancery Lane station to encourage commuters to take the stairs to the iconic Rocky theme song. When commuters got to the top of the stairs they were cheered on by actors dressed in boxer-style outfits.

Talk about starting your day on a high note!

How Adare Manor Hotel made everyone jealous of a bunny

So this was sort of a sad story until the PR department at Adare Manor Hotel twisted it all around and made major news.

A little girl left her bunny at the hotel after a visit with her family. In an attempt to reunite the bunny with its owner, the hotel posted a photo of the bunny with the caption, “I lost my owner at breakfast in Adare Manor”.

The first post received such an overwhelming response that the PR department ran with the idea of the bunny enjoying all of what Adare Manor has to offer, including afternoon tea, spa treatments, and a lounge around the pool.

The bunny was eventually reunited with its owner, and the hotel has received multiple pieces of coverage nationwide including the Huffington Post.

Adare Manor Hotel

SpareRoom makes skipping rent acceptable

Rupert Hunt, founder of spareroom.com advertised on his website a few rooms he wants to rent out. Tenants simply need to be chilled out and add something interesting to the dynamic of the household. The house is valued at approx. £3m and is located in trendy Spitalfields, London.

You’re probably thinking the rent price would be through the roof, right? Hunt simply said, “if the person I think will make the best housemate can only afford £200 a month, that’s what they’ll pay.”

The nationals naturally couldn’t ignore the housemate hunt, with coverage appearing in the Daily Mail, Independent and the Telegraph to name just a few.

Swap unwanted Christmas gifts for Skittles!

If you are wondering what to do with your unwanted Christmas gifts, there is an easy solution: swamp them for Skittles.

That’s right – Skittles opened up a pop-up in Canada that allowed visitors to swap their gifts for sweets. The campaign gets even sweeter because all the gifts and items swapped were donated to charity.


Have you seen the 9Bar Superheroes?

To help people stick to a healthy January, 9Bar has launched a campaign to promote their Super Seed Breakfast Boost Bar. On the morning of January 12th, Super Seeds superheroes were giving out commuters’ breakfast bars and the first nine to whisper “Super Seeds, I love you” received a whole case of 9Bar goodies.

Well, that’s our round up of this week’s PR campaigns! Let us know if you attended any and if you have any favourites of your own.

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