What do women really want? Our campaign of the week tells all

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  • July 8, 2016
Sophie Jackson

Sophie Jackson

Digital PR Strategist

A Deliveroo summer

Festival season beginning is the biggest sign that British summer is finally upon us. To celebrate this, Deliveroo have partnered up with Barclaycard British Summer Time festival to create a giant slot machine that gives away prizes and a dining area for customers at the Barclaycard VIP Summer Garden.


The event kicked off last week and runs until 10th July. And as well as the giant slot machine for guests, Deliveroo are operating an exclusive backstage space for artists and performers, allowing them to order their favourite foods from a range of top London restaurants.

Don’t take your children for granted

Hsiao Feng from Taipei, was cast by Lego as a young boy who just wants to spend more time with his father who sells and repairs cars for a living. They created a video of him building an ‘unbreakable’ car from Lego so his Dad wouldn’t have to work as much.

The video was shared and promoted via social media and public screens throughout the city and projected on a 100-metre screen outside the Taipei Arena stadium, as Hsiao Feng’s father walked by after work.

Lego had one key message they wanted to get across with this campaign… “We all have busy schedules — but a childhood doesn’t last forever”. It seemed to do the job, as Hsiao Feng’s father promised to spend more time with him.

We can’t get away from it, the gym is everywhere

This week in Columbia, six bus stops have been transformed into mini gyms, by sportswear brand Reebok. They wanted to show customers that the ‘gym is everywhere’ and people can exercise whether they are and no matter how busy they are. Perfect timing for summer!

What a girl wants

Hope this doesn’t make you feel too old, but the Spice Girls hit ‘Wannabe’ is celebrating its 20th year anniversary this year, and Project Everyone decided to use the song to their advantage and promote what women and girls across the world really want from life.

The video promotes more education opportunities for females, equal pay, equal rights and the fight to stop child marriage. Have a watch and take in the brilliance…

It invites women around the world to join in the campaign by taking photos and sharing them on social media using #WhatIReallyReallyWant. These will then be collated and presented to UN Leaders in September. So, ladies, if there’s any of these issues you feel particularly strongly about – get sharing!

Higher or Lower

This campaign is one we grew very fond of, mainly because it’s really fun but also because we’re a digital agency and we think it uses SEO brilliantly.

CodeComputerLove came up with the fantastic idea of turning search terms into a game, asking users to guess how many searches a term has in a month – The Higher Lower Game was created.

Higher or Lower

But as well as being a fun game to play, it also lets users have an insight into what people really care about and are interested in searching on Google. By the looks of it, people are searching for celebrities more than they are for world news and issues

Have a go and see how you get on

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