What Microsoft can teach you about linkbait

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  • October 18, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Microsoft might not be as popular as Apple amongst bloggers but somebody at Redmond certainly knows how to linkbait.

When Tony Northrup published an article entitled 10 tips for improving your wireless network he followed pretty much every rule of linkbaiting and the article has 1831 links as a result. It’s also been on Digg twice.

Microsoft 10 tips

Why this article works

The first aspect you notice is the article looks great, there is only 1 small advert on the left and the formatting is very easy on the eye.

Notice the good use of interesting and eye catching images and pictures, every linkbait article needs these.

Tony has also put his name at the top, anonymous linkbait never quite works as well.

Check out the “Related Links” section on the right, this is so Microsoft can make the most of every visitor by getting them to look at other interesting pages and articles. Retaining visitors is the hardest part of managing a social media campaign but having related links helps a lot.

The article follows the age old format of a top ten list very well. It delivers on the promise in the headline by having 10 tips listed, with diagrams and sub headings making it nice and easy to read.

Interestingly the article asks for feedback at the bottom so Microsoft can see which of their pages are most useful to people. How many blogs have this?

Funnily enough I’ve not actually read the article yet but it looks like it will be great.

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