What you should know about WordPress 3.6

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  • April 17, 2013
Douglas Radburn

Douglas Radburn

Head of Technical

With WordPress 3.6 hitting RC1 today, I thought it was worth taking a look over some of the new features available in the latest version.

So, let’s dive straight in.

Twenty Thirteen theme

There is a new theme for the first release of the year – TwentyThirteen. This is a responsive design that should get users off to a good start!

Multi-author support with auto-lock

WordPress 3.6 will automatically lock posts that other members of your authoring team are working on.


The menu system has been divided across two pages making the UI much easier to navigate.



Avatars have been added to post revision information.

The revisions page includes a new slider that allows you to move backwards and forwards through revisions – it gives additions in green and deletions in red.



New look for post formats


WordPress 3.6 implements a new look for post formats, which allows you to quickly change between differing formats (Image, Link, Audio, Quote etc).  Simply select from the top what type of post you want and WordPress will seamlessly switch between them in the content area.


HTML5 autosave in browser feature


The autosave feature has been revamped and takes advantage of modern browsers db storage. This means that even if your internet connection goes down, you shouldn’t lose your content. When you get reconnected, you are able to restore the browser stored version.

If you’re interested in finding out more about WordPress 3.6, keep an eye on wordpress.org and let us know what you think by getting in touch or leaving me a comment below!