What’s coming in WordPress 3.9?

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  • April 8, 2014
Douglas Radburn

Douglas Radburn

Head of Technical

We’re already on beta 3 of WordPress 3.8 and the release date is just around the corner – 16th April . With some software releases, we’d recommend waiting to see if any bugs need ironing out, but WordPress is an exception to this rule; we’d always suggest you update to the latest version.

So, what can we expect to see in the new version?

Live Theme Previews

So, you’ve created or even bought a new, shiny theme for your WordPress powered website; but you’d really like to know what it looks like with your content in place before you put it live? Well, now you can! The Appearance | Themes page in the admin system now allows you to “Live Preview” themes. Doing this also allows you to alter all the customisable assets in your theme directly in preview mode.


Paste from Word

It’s disappeared! They’ve updated the TinyMCE editor, so it is now removed. You can paste in a block of Microsoft Word text directly into the editor now, and it will automatically strip out all of the special formatting.

Installing Themes

The theme browser from 3.8 has now been applied into the theme installer.


Drag and Drop Images into Editor Windows

You will be able to drag-and-drop images straight into the editor to upload them.

Image Editing Improvements

You could already change an image once it was in a post or page when you clicked on it. Now, you will be able to resize, crop and replace all from the new image edit window whilst you stay in your post or page.

Video Audio Uploader

There is a new editor window for videos and audio when you edit them from a post or page. As you will see from the menu on the side, you now have the options to – replace video, add a video source, select a poster image and even add subtitles.


With WordPress 3.9, you will also be able to create audio/video playlists. The audio/video playlists will work as a shortcode just like image galleries.

Image Crop position

Additional image sizes are cropped to centre horizontally and vertically. In 3.9, there will be an image crop position that will allow developers to decide the crop position on new uploads.

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