What’s new in WordPress 3.7?

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  • November 6, 2013
Douglas Radburn

Douglas Radburn

Head of Technical

October 24, 2013 saw the release of WordPress 3.7. You can download the files directly from http://wordpress.org/download/ or you can follow the Updates links from within the WordPress control panel.

You might not actually notice much of a difference from 3.6. So, what has changed?

Updated Password Strength Meter

When you’re setting up a new install or adding new users, the password strength meter is now even better. It detects common weak passwords such as number sequences, keyboard sequences, dates and names. It might be worth running over your existing passwords to make sure they’re still classified as secure.

Improved Search

WordPress 3.7 brings improvements to ordering of search results, based on relevancy. So, blog pages with search phrases in the title for example, should now be listed first and it doesn’t now give priority to posts over pages.

Automated Background Updates

Introduced in WordPress 3.7 is automated background updates. Once you move to the 3.7 branch, the likihood is that you won’t have to upgrade again. Most sites will be able to automatically update, but some configurations might not allow it. You should notice once installed that the screen that greets you will tell you if you’re able to.

Behind the scenes: Advanced Date Queries

Developers can now query posts within a date range or that match certain criteria, such as those articles posted on a Monday afternoon during March this year.

Behind the scenes: Multisite Improvements

wp_get_sites() allows developers to easily get an array of all the sites on your network without resorting to a direct database query.

Any questions on the new WordPress?

Working with WordPress every day, we know all the ins and outs and best practice – so leave me a comment below if you’ve got a question about the new WordPress, and keep an eye out on the blog for more WordPress help!