WhatsApp Worth: An interactive look at the $19bn buyout

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  • February 24, 2014
Felicity Crouch

Felicity Crouch

Marketing Manager

In the social network’s biggest acquisition to date, Facebook bought popular messaging app WhatsApp in a deal worth a staggering $19bn in cash and shares last week.

With over 450 million monthly users, WhatsApp’s popularity has soared as a free alternative to text messaging. Now, we’re not denying its benefits, but $19bn?! How did Facebook come up with this figure and is it really possible to predict anything in this ever-changing industry?

WhatsApp’s younger user base and its greater international use compared to Facebook have been cited as a few of the reasons behind its astounding worth.┬áBut just how does this figure stack up in real-terms? What else could be bought for $19bn?

That question is exactly what we were asking ourselves last week when this news was announced, and being a creative digital agency, we thought we’d answer this with an interactive graphic – click on the image below to check it out!