Where newspapers get traffic & how long are search queries?

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  • June 30, 2010
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

For anybody interested in news sites the interactive graphic below is an interesting breakdown and shows just how powerful some of the social news sites are. The Drudge Report especially sends a huge amount of traffic as does the BBC at nearly 2m per month.

Interestingly the BBC has committed to increasing the traffic they send to other sites:

BBC Online will be transformed into a window on the web with, by 2012, an external link on every page and at least double the current rate of ‘click-throughs’ to external sites.

Adding links to content is a time consuming business so we’ve contacted the BBC with an offer for some of our SEO team to help placing these links but we have yet to hear back from them.

In other news, Chitika has found that the most common search phrase length is 3 keywords. This is not to be confused with long tail SEO which is about search volume rather than phrase length.

To determine the optimal word count, Chitika looked at a sample of 41,103,403 impressions of search traffic coming into their network between June 13th and 19th. Within the sample, 10,710,579 impressions – some 26% of all search traffic – came from three-word searches. The next top word counts were two-word (19%), four-word (17%), and finally one-word (14%). Any query beyond five words will see dramatically lower traffic, throwing into perspective just how fragmented traffic from long queries really is.

Keyphrase length