Who won Pie Week? And where is the Land of Young Cattle? Campaigns we loved this week

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  • April 6, 2018
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

Friday has rolled in once again, which means, as well as looking forward to the weekend, it’s time to look back over the week’s content marketing activities that have had us saying: “Genius! We wish we’d done that!” or “I swear I’ve suggested this exact idea..!”

With April Fool’s Day falling on Easter weekend this year, we were spared from the horrendous joke campaigns that always crop up (well almost, there is one in there…). Plenty of creative ideas cropped up throughout the week, from literal maps to touchy topics about pastry. Check them out!

The ‘Land of the Angles’ and ‘Frizzy Haired Men’

This year I’ll be travelling to the ‘Place of Refuge’ for a friend’s wedding, and last year I was lucky enough to spend a week on the beautiful ‘Island of Copper’. I promise, I’ve not gone mad. But have you ever thought about what the names of places actually mean?

Australian comparison site credit card compare has created this beautiful piece of creative content looking at the literal translations of country names across the globe.

“Learning the etymology – the origin of words – of countries around the world offers us fascinating insight into the origins of some of our favourite travel destinations and the people who first lived there,” credit card compare explains.

The designs that run alongside the piece are really great too (although I’d have loved to be able to interact with an actual globe and zoom in and out on certain locations). This is a really nicely executed piece and has been covered by some great publications, including Forbes and Lonely Planet. Check out some of the names and meanings for yourself here.

Map showing the translation of country names

Source: Credit Card Compare

“Hey Google, Where’s Waldo?”

When I spotted this on my Google Maps over the weekend, my first reaction was “huh?” followed closely by “well, there goes my afternoon.”

Google Map's where's Waldo?

Source: Google

This week saw the legend that is Where’s Wally and his trusty companions, (of whom I remembered none of other than Wenda, purely from Uni fancy dress days) Woof, Wizard, Whitebread, and Odlaw, hiding in Google Maps.

You can play simply by clicking on the waving Waldo when he appears on your screen or ask Google Assistant on your phone or home device “Hey Google, Where’s Waldo?” (not quite sure if it localises Waldo to Wally for us Brits!).

Google released a post on their blog and the news spread like wildfire across sites such as Lad Bible, the Express, and the Daily Mail. Just genius!

“Back in our day…”

Last week, TalkTalk TV took parents on a trip down memory lane and baffled their kids in the process. According to a study by the TV provider, 1/3 of us think that kid’s TV was better when we were little, despite the enhanced graphics and endless choice available now.

To test this theory, Talk Talk TV enlisted the help of some mini critics in a Gogglebox-style experiment and sat them down to watch some of the retro classics including Mr Benn, Bananas in Pyjamas, and The Magic Roundabout.

The kids’ reactions are adorable and include a lot of confusion as to why Scooby Doo looks so old and whether Magic Roundabout “is made of playdough”.

The great pie debate… Chips or mash?

A few weeks back, Brits celebrated one of our favourite dishes with a whole week dedicated to the pie!

I assume this is one of (if not the) most important week in the marketing calendar for a brand such as Pukka Pies. As their head of marketing Lindsay Filmer explains: “It’s a competitive space. We needed a campaign that gave us stand out above the rest, ensuring that everyone up and down the country thought ‘Pukka’ when they thought ‘Pies’.”

Pukka Pies

Source: Campaign Live

Pukka set out to settle one of the biggest questions of all time: mash or chips?

Launching a nationwide poll with pie-week.com, they invited millions to join the debate and rolled it out across all channels, including outdoor advertising, radio, social media, and PR.

Along with the help of avid pie fan Freddie Flintoff, and comedian Paddy McGuiness even joining in on Twitter, the poll received over 10k votes, 5m impressions on social, and 15k likes, comments, and shares.

But who won?

Chips just edged the bets, with 56% of the votes. Us Northerners obviously didn’t do enough voting!

So that’s all for this week folks! Tweet us and let us know how many hours you wasted wondering where Wally was, which part of the Land of the Rabbits you might be visiting this year (that’s Spain to you and me), and whether like us you’re outraged at the whole pie-and-chips-gate (I think they must have invested more in paid media in the South!).

Have a great weekend everyone.