Why a digital strategy is more important than ever

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  • July 4, 2011
Steven Shaw

Steven Shaw

Digital Director

In the last six months we’ve noticed a considerable increase in demand for our Social Media campaigns, this of course includes Facebook and Twitter, but also requires integration with blogs, news feeds and websites in general, and this is where I have to tell people: “What you need is a digital strategy.”

Developing digital strategies is what our consultancy service is all about, it’s looking further than just your website or updating your Twitter feed, and looking as well at all of the digital channels which you want to engage with your audience, and most of all ensuring that there is consistency within your brand message.

Branded3 has developed its consultancy services from years of industry experience in finding out the best solution for our clients. We set out to identify what your objectives are online, such as – are you looking to make sales, raise your brand presence, or just be a point of contact for existing customers? All of these objectives require a different strategy, but most of all – if done right – can work together to maximise the overall effectiveness of the strategy.

We have found social media to be a fantastic connection to your existing and potential customers, but the key thing here is to be as pro-active as you are re-active. Sending out regular communications will build engagement and allow people to interact with you, but you have to be ready when that happens – you can’t spend days formulating a press release response – they need to be engaged, supported, encouraged and understood.

Our digital strategies to date have helped with e-commerce conversion rates by following the user journey and adapting which information funnel points were working and which weren’t. We produced a digital CRM campaign for a major FMCG brand that involved campaign-specific microsite development, integration with Facebook and Twitter, along with SEO and affiliate marketing to maximise the impact of the campaign with the core objective of growing its customer base. To date the campaign has gathered over 30,000 registrants, massively increasing their existing database from an initial 3,000.

Integrating with social media takes preparation, effort, and most of all, a digital strategy. We’ve had an excellent track record in implementing successful social media campaigns, and boosting the presence of our clients. If you have a question about our social media service or you want to discuss how we can tailor a digital strategy to your needs, then get in touch.

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