Why Is The UK Marketing Community Blind To Social Media?

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  • September 9, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Here in the UK most people in the marketing industry read publications such as NMA, Campaign, Media Week, e-consultancy, Marketing Week and Mad on a daily or weekly basis.

Something that has always surprised me about these sites is how little they have been able to penetrate the major social media websites such as Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Sphinn. These social sites are full of exactly the same technology and marketing news and opinion that the UK marketing websites are writing about every day and yet stories from these UK marketing sites are being ignored.

Why do these sites get so much less social media traffic than most amateur blogs?

Overall traffic levels are actually quite high for most of the sites but if these were US based websites with a clear social media strategy then some would be attracting perhaps ten times as much traffic per day. While I can appreciate that Digg users are hardly the target demographic it is important to remember that social media traffic means more readers, more ad revenue, more links, more search traffic and greater reach and brand awareness.

These sites are making money based on CPM ad deals, what would it be worth for their traffic to double?

Marketing sites

NMA has appeared on the Digg front page a couple of times although not in the last year, Marketing Week has appeared on Digg once 275 days ago and E-consultancy has also appeared once. Brand Republic, the largest site according to Google Trends, has never hit the Digg front page and neither has Mad.

Social Media Culture

The content on these sites is clearly of a very high standard so why are these sites missing the social media boat?

The issue lies partially with the websites themselves for not taking the time to build a social media culture amongst their readership but the main blame lies with their readers. If thousands of marketing professionals in the UK are reading these sites every day why are we not bothering to share the content online?

How can we expect to explain to clients about online marketing when we don’t even bother to participate in the social media space ourselves?

Social media is about giving more than you take. When you spend every day reading a website about social media and online marketing why not take the time to share content you find interesting so that other people can find it too?

The web works in a different way to traditional marketing. If you see great content in a newspaper you aren’t supposed to do anything with it. When you see great content online the general assumption is that you will share it with everybody else.

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