Why linkbait is a long term strategy

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  • March 6, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Google not only ranks older sites higher in the search results they also trusts the links from older sites much more than newer sites. If your blog gets a link from a domain that’s been around 5 or 10 years the link will (all things being equal) count more than the same link from a newer site.

One of the issues with linkbait & attracting links from blogs is that even the most trusted ones have only been around a couple of years. Blogs are very new and consequently are unlikely to have the same link weight as older websites.

When you release some linkbait and your article gets hundreds of links from blogs around the world you are very unlikely to see your rankings shoot up. This is because the links are brand new and take some time to gain trust and also because the sites that are linking to you are quite new and they need time to build trust.

Anybody aggressively building links through viral content in 2006/2007 has a massive advantage and will see some amazing progress in Google this year as the links they built start to age and the sites linking to them start to build trust in a giant snowball effect.

This is obviously good to know but you can accelerate the process quite easily by creating targeted linkbait. For example if you spotted a site about exercise that had been around for 10 years you could write a “Bloggers guide to working out” and link to one of their articles from it.

Send the site an email and they will probably link to it. Once you have this trusted link you can go down the usual route of getting loads of links from bloggers to help you in the long term.

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