Why Reddit & StumbleUpon Are Better Than Digg

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  • July 8, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Most people spend way too much time trying to use Digg to send traffic to their websites. The time and effort it takes to understand and befriend the Digg community and get your content onto the front page is disproportional to the benefits.

Hitting the front page of Reddit sends a much higher quality of traffic than Digg and can, in some cases, send more visitors. Digg is quite crowded and a story that takes 24 hours to reach the front page can be gone in a couple of hours as new stories replace it.

Reddit has a slightly different algorithm that allows super popular stories to stay at the top of the front page for longer.

A good front page story on Reddit can easily expect to receive 25,000 unique visitors.

Traffic Stats

Which visitors are better

One average Diggers stay on Blogstorm for just 19 seconds, Reddit users stay for 25. The bounce rate for Reddit is 7% lower, users visit more pages (1.21 compared to 1.14) and the percentage of new users is higher on a Reddit story than a Digg story.

However if you take a look at the chart below you can see that one traffic source completely blows the rest away – StumbleUpon.

Of the 165,000 StumbleUpon visitors we’ve had the bounce rate has been 37%, that’s a staggering 35% less than the site average. StumbleUpon also has the highest percentage of new visitors at 93.3%.

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