Will the Digg algorithm change stop gaming? No

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  • January 24, 2008
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Digg has apparently changed the algorithm making it much harder for top diggers and people who only get votes from their friends to push stories to the homepage.

The new system means stories are frequently being held in the upcoming queue for up to 200 Diggs. Any story getting 200 Diggs in 24 hours must be hugely popular and previously would have hit the homepage in maybe 100 Diggs depending on who submitted it.

Here is what Digg had to say on the matter:

One of the keys to getting a story promoted is diversity in Digging activity. When the algorithm gets the diversity it needs, it will promote a story from the Upcoming section to the home page. This way, the system knows a large variety of people will be into the story.

The way some people attempt to push their own stories onto the front page is by asking friends either using the Digg shout system or by sending a few instant messages. Some bloggers also have a loyal following who will Digg your posts every time you include a Digg button.

It looks like this will no longer work. If the same people always Digg your submissions or submissions from a certain domain then their votes will count less.

As I write this a story has just gone hot with 32 Diggs and it looks pretty spammy. I caught a screenshot in case it disappears (yes, there it goes, buried already after 3 minutes).

This proves that you can still get on the homepage with just a few Diggs and a spammy story.

Gone hot

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