Winning with the #OscarsFail and London gets a good porking!

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  • March 3, 2017
Victoria McMahon

Victoria McMahon

Digital PR Manager

My favourite thing to do when a major event goes terribly wrong is to watch social media’s reaction. And with #OscarsFail and #EnvelopeGate trending this week, Twitter did not disappoint!

I’m obviously talking about the 89th Academy Awards, when Hollywood legends Warren Beatty and Faye Dunway announced that La La Land had won Best Picture, when it was actually Moonlight.

Of course, the internet went wild with various memes and photoshops, but some brands also cleverly piggy-backed the hype with great success.

With their well-known tag line, the Oscars blunder was almost made for Specsavers…

But our favourite stunt was brainstormed by the team at Dalton’s Rio Cinema in East London, who played the first 20 seconds of a La La Land teaser trailer to viewers hoping to see Moonlight.

Driving at 90

Castle on the Hill, the song that has been described as a “love song for Suffolk” has actually become a bit of a thorn in the side of Ed Sheeran, as his “driving at 90” lyrics caused quite the stir and were even pulled up by Suffolk Police on Twitter.

However, with the release of his third album, ÷, a great PR mind in the Sheeran camp came up with the idea of erecting signs all over Suffolk, which uses the album’s design but encourages motorists to drive safely and stick to the speed limit.

The singer told the BBC: “We have a marketing spend for this album and I wanted to do some sort of billboards in Suffolk,” Sheeran said. “We thought it would be quite funny instead of having billboards saying the album is out, just having a blue sign that says ‘drive safe’.”

Ed Sheeran

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London gets a good porking!

So this next one comes with a bit of disclaimer: I hate and love it all at the same time! A guerrilla campaign by the popular sausage snack Peperami has seen London receive a “mass porking” (their words, not mine!).

Jumping on the back of a report by Cycling UK group about potholes called ‘Fill That Hole’, Peperami have plagued London with #HangryHole kits, fencing off hundreds of the worst spots in the capital and filling them with the pork snack.


It definitely does the job of creating a great headline and there’s no denying that it has got people talking (their interactions on social media have amused us for hours) but I can’t help but feel that the link between a snack company and potholes being “Peperami’s mission in life is to fill hungry stomach holes”, is a little too tenuous…

KFC’s #CleanEating burger

Okay, I’ll admit, I have tried making a cauliflower pizza and I do own a spiralizer! But not even I would have gone to KFC last week for their #cleaneating burger, which boasted a “chai-seeded cauliflower bun” with “unsweetened almond yoghurt”, “ice cube relish” and “spiralized chicken breast”.

Thankfully, although far too many people fell for the “hipster grub” prank, the collaboration with “Figgy Poppleton-Rice” – an obvious spoof of clean-eating food bloggers – was actually a fun ploy to reveal their new burger, “The Dirty Louisiana”.

In a press release, KFC says the idea for the campaign was based on “consumer fatigue” around the clean eating trend: “Let’s get real – no one is craving a quinoa salad, lusting over a kale and celery juice, going weak at the knees for chia seeds or daydreaming about raw veg crudités.”

The statement is pretty bold but it definitely tickled us and I’m sure KFC fans everywhere absolutely loved it!



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