Worlds worst link exchange part 2

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  • September 20, 2007
Patrick Altoft

Patrick Altoft

Director of Strategy

Some of you might remember the Worlds Worst Link Exchange request from August, today it seems link exchangers are getting even more ridiculous.

Hello Blogstorm,

I’m the webmaster of
We have a collection of links to Links Affiliates resources on web site.
Your site was suggested as an addition to our collection. You can find
the link to your web site here:


With this description:
Whats worse than a link exchange email? A link
exchange request on Digg, thats what. Can you imagine anything more
likely to upset Diggers and less likely to work? A great example of
somebody not un…, Worlds Worst Link Exchange Request
If you want to link back to us, just insert this short HTML code on
your web site,
and replay me this email sending the URL where you have added to us:


a href=””>rural Spanish property


So, I wrote about the worlds worst link exchange request and now feature on a list of sites with the words “link exchange” which is passed round people who want to spam me with link exchange requests. How ironic.